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Order Re-Cell Service

Anton Bauer Dionic HC ReCell Service

Re-Cell Service for 90Wh Battery


Anton Bauer Dionic HCX ReCell Service

Re-Cell Service for 120-150Wh Battery


Other Cinema Battery ReCell Service

Re-Cell Service for Other Battery

We also offer charger repair, sell refurbished batteries and chargers, and more. But I do the web design myself, so it's a bit old-school. Just throw any and all special requests here and I'll get you a quote!

THT Battery

What to expect

This form will submit your request directly to Tyler, and he will reach out to you to coordinate the next steps.

Please note that the 1-year warranty covers the internal functioning of the batteries - the re-cell work itself - only. It does not cover the plastic enclosure, circuit board, screws, adhesives, or seals. That said, our goal is to keep as many of your batteries up-and-running as possible, instead of becoming e-waste, so if it is fixable within our means we will certainly do our best!

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